Monday, 2 January 2012

SDME - January 2012

Happy New Year GCSE Geographers!

Hopefully the Year 11s amongst you have spent some time over the past couple of weeks looking at the resource booklet for the SDME exam (which is on Tuesday 24th January - pm). Assuming you were in your last lesson before Christmas, you have a black and white copy of the booklet. If you haven't or you need to look at a colour copy, a reminder that the booklet is here (direct link to the .pdf document - you will need a .pdf reader on your computer to be able to access this) as well as in Student Share.

Remember that, in order to get the higher grades, you need to be reading beyond the booklet... The Geographical Association's website has a useful list of links about the Australian floods which - although written primarily for teachers - is well worth you exploring. This article from the GCSE Wide World magazine (link to .pdf file) will be making an appearance in lessons in the next couple of weeks, but you might like to have a look at it now, and there are various useful bits and pieces, including links, on this site.

If you find anything else that you think is particularly useful - either specific to the Australian floods or about flood management more generally, email details to me (type vel into address bar from your school emails) and everyone can benefit!

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Anonymous said...

as a fellow sdme geographer in derbyshire (newbold) - i appreciate your work on this - particularly finding the phillip allan article.thanks