Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Yr10 Controlled Assessment - Data Presentation

A reminder about a couple of things that I mentioned to you this morning if you are in my group, and that Miss Bradford will be mentioning next week if you are in her group:

- GE Graph is the tool that allows you to add data into placemarks and therefore create graphs in Google Earth. There's more info here about it from Noel Jenkins, and from the Google Earth Community here.

- There's a really useful blog post here, also from Noel Jenkins. It was written about ways the Google Earth could be used in coursework, but most, if not all, of the ideas could also be used in your Controlled Assessment.

- Although it's written for A Level, the guide here about how to draw an isopleth map is quite useful if you need a reminder.

Don't forget that the key purpose of your data presentation is to present your findings in a clear, logical and accessible way. Think about what you want each map or graph to show, and make sure that you choose the type of map or graph accordingly.

Monday, 7 June 2010

DME resitters....

I'm hoping that those of you resitting the DME are making regular visits to the blog as it seems that Sports Day, Maths exams (and, I'm sorry to say, a bit of exam stress and/or general apathy on your part!) are getting in the way of us having any sort of conversation about the DME before your exam.

A new series of 'Mary Queen of Shops' has just started on BBC2 (it's 9.05pm on Monday 7th June as I write this!) and the focus of the series is to help out local shopkeepers and give them some support in keeping their small businesses running - not sure how useful it will be, but might be worth a watch.

I also have some photos that I took when we were in Sheringham with the Year 13 geographers a few weeks back, which are on Flickr here. As you will know, the last couple of resources in the booklet (and therefore, presumably, the decision) focus on Sheringham and the proposals for a supermarket there. There was much discussion about the proposals to build a Tesco in Sheringham, and the majority of local people fought very strongly against it. Miss Taylor and I were amazed that, in a town similar in size to Alfreton or Ripley, we found only five shops/businesses that we had heard of (ie 'chain stores' of some description) and even then, those five included names like Julian Graves - not exactly McDonald's or Tesco!

Saturday, 5 June 2010


Those of you resitting the DME could do worse than to have a listen to this podcast from Mark Howell who is a Geography teacher in Northampton. As well as discussing and explaining the resources in the booklet, Mark also talks about the sorts of questions that you can expect for each of the resources...

A quick search of the iTunes store will bring up lots of other geography revision podcasts as well. Or, you could make your own!!